Holy Shit, We’re Actually Getting a Wonder Woman Movie In Less Than A Week

diana tank.jpgIt still somehow feels surreal to me that in just a few days, Wonder Woman is coming out. I don’t know why – I had tickets to a prescreening on Wednesday that I couldn’t go to. Surely it should have sunk in by now. But it hasn’t. It doesn’t feel quite real.

She had a TV show in the seventies. Since then, there have been countless Batman, Superman, and Spiderman adaptations. We’ve gotten some new characters getting their chance to be seen, especially lately, but we’re finally getting it. Wonder Woman, the most iconic female superhero in the world, on the big screen. She’s about to be in her own solo movie. It’s so unbelievably exciting.

Every trailer, every poster, every TV spot – it’s just increasing my hype levels so much, and yet I still can’t believe how close it is. I have my tickets. I’m going on both Thursday and Friday night, and I’m probably going to be in tears the entire time. This is so overwhelming, and I can’t wait.


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