Wonder Woman Reaction

So I got back from Wonder Woman just now. I should probably sleep, because I have to be at work by seven tomorrow, BUT I HAVE TO WRITE THIS INSTEAD. Warning for possible mild spoilers.

It felt so surreal that I was actually going to watch this. It didn’t even feel real until it started playing. This is a movie that I’ve been waiting for for so long, and here it was. And it was beyond my wildest dreams.

It was such an incredible origin story. It was so perfect for Diana – her optimism and idealism, her horror at how terrible man’s world can be, her endless capacity for love. Her realization that maybe, she’ll have to step back and let humanity take whatever path it will take. It was heartwarming and devastating all at once, and if one of my coworkers hadn’t been sitting right next to me, I might have actually cried.

This was a story set in World War I that treated the circumstance with all the sensitivity it deserved. Despite it being a superhero movie, Diana couldn’t magically make everything better. Nor was the villain responsible for human cruelty. This was a story within the context of the war that never made any effort to shy away from how horrific it was, how both sides were fighting needlessly.

The scene of Diana rising from the trenches was quite possibly the most badass, heroic action in all of superhero movies. It was so beautifully shot and emotionally put together. I’m going to see it with a friend again tomorrow night, and this scene is one of the reasons I can’t wait.

We had all predicted what would happen to Steve. That wasn’t a surprise at all. But his character arc was still spectacular. The cynical, jaded soldier that knows just how awful the world can be being inspired by Diana, the embodiment of love and hope and goodness.  It was beautiful, and I’m heartbroken and inspired all at once.

Okay, it’s late, so I’m going to get some sleep, but I’m definitely going to be writing more about this later


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