Young Justice Updates From SDCC

Today was the Young Justice panel at SDCC, and we got lots of interesting information. I’m still kind of in awe that we’re getting a season three, and even though it’s not on Cartoon Network anymore, I’m still not going to stop holding my breath until we get through the season without a hiatus.young justice season 3 characters.jpg

1. The Outsiders

The season is going to be called Outsiders. Out of these characters, I think only Arsenal has ever been on any incarnation of the comics Outsiders team. This isn’t unexpected for this show, considering that the season one cast was far from the traditional members of Young Justice.

2. Stephanie Brown

Stephanie was one of the characters fans were clamouring to see when the first two seasons were airing, and she did make a brief appearance in season two. From her presence in this picture, dressed in her Spoiler costume, it appears the Young Justice Batfamily will be expanding beyond just Bruce, Dick, Tim, and Barbara.

young justice season three original characters.png

3. Original Members

The picture of the original team is missing Wally, who sacrificed himself at the end of season two, and surprisingly, M’gann. This doesn’t necessarily mean she won’t be in the season, but if she is, it begs the question, why leave her out? Perhaps she’ll be undercover and her suit would be a spoiler? Notably, neither Artemis nor Dick, the only characters of the four included that usually wear masks/cowls to hide their identity are wearing their usual disguise, while they’re both wearing something on their lower faces, while Kaldur and Conner aren’t. A gas mask, possibly?


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