Laptop Struggles: A Life Update

You know what’s not pleasant? Laptop troubles. You know what’s even more unpleasant than laptop troubles? Laptop troubles with a laptop you only bought a month ago.

My computer decided to start acting up a couple weeks ago, just after I bought it. It was usable, but barely – there were weird pixel issues that rendered part of the screen completely unreadable. I managed to get through the last couple weeks of the semester with it without tossing it through a window in frustration, then packed it up and sent it to get fixed a couple days ago.

It still hasn’t left the FedEx office where I dropped it off. Here’s to hoping it gets to where it needs to go soon. I never realized how many things I use it for until I’m at home without it, away from campus and the computer labs that go along with that, trying to get things done on a seven year old iPad.


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