Every Insane Thing That’s Happened On ‘Gotham’: Edward Nygma

In the beginning of the series, back when the writers still thought they were making a slow prequel that hints at the futures of various characters without having them actually descend into full on villainy, Nygma was just a kind of weird forensics guy that was closer to adorable than he was to intimidating. Now? He’s a supervillain that’s part of the reason Gotham has so much backstabbing and overlapping plans and revenge attempts. Love it.

  • Gave the woman he was into a cupcake with a live bullet in it. He thought it was a riddle, she thought it was weird and menacing. Tomato, tomahto.
  • Got kicked out of the morgue when the medical examiner showed up.
  • Got rid of the medical examiner by stuffing his locker full of body parts, which I guess is weird even in Gotham. Or then again, maybe not, that was season one before all the supervillains took over.
  • Told Gordon that Lee was much nicer than the previous ME and that she smelled nice. Damn, season one Ed was creepy.
  • Killed Kristen’s boyfriend, which in most cases would be a major no-no, but seeing as the boyfriend was an abuser, I’ll let it slide.
  • Cut said boyfriend to pieces.
  • Killed Kristen. Not cool, Ed.
  • His alter ego gave him a series of riddles to find the pieces of Kristen’s corpse.
  • Somehow ended up befriending Oswald who ended up living in his apartment. Oswald rolled his eyes at Ed’s low kill count, which isn’t really relevant, but I thought it was funny.
  • Framed Jim for the murders he committed.
  • Got sent to Arkham for murder, tried and failed to escape, and ended up challenging Bruce and Lucius to answer his questions then gassing them with a sleeping agent once they failed.
  • Became Oswald’s campaign manager after Oswald got him declared sane. After Oswald won the race for mayor, he got promoted to chief of staff.
  • Got punched in the face by Lee.
  • Started dating the doppelganger of the girlfriend he strangled.
  • Kidnapped Butch and Tabitha under the assumption that Butch had killed his Isabella.
  • Chopped off Tabitha’s hand, only realizing as it was happening that Butch had not, in fact, killed Isabella.
  • Was informed by Barbara who actually killed Isabella. “Did you just fake cough Penguin?”
  • Had a whole crazy plot to get revenge on Penguin for killing Isabella involving getting Clayface to impersonate Penguin’s father.
  • Shot Penguin. These two need to calm down. I’m pretty sure they would have a better time if they stopped
  • Started taking some weird hallucinogens to imagine Oswald talking to him and making fun of his Riddler persona? I don’t know, that was weird.
  • Started looking for a life coach to replace Oswald.
  • Decided he needed a nemesis and that Jim would be perfect.
  • Sends a guy dressed as fruit to sing a riddle in the GCPD.
  • Teams up with Barbara against the Court of Owls.
  • Teams up with Penguin to get out of the cage the Court Of Owls put them in.
  • Spent a few months frozen in a block of ice as the centerpiece of Penguin’s club.
  • Got set free by some random chick that admired his riddles, then killed her. That’s gratitude for you.
  • Met up with an amnesiac Butch who forgot about why he hated him.
  • Sent Oswald a guy to rap really terrible riddles at him.
  • Fell for Lee, checked himself into Arkham.
  • Teamed up with Penguin against Sofia, going full Riddler again.
  • Made out with Lee and teamed up with her to rob some banks to help the people of the Narrows. Aww,  that’s kind of sweet. The two of them were gone from a few episodes, during which they missed a lot.
  • Started arguing with himself again.
  • Pretended to double cross Lee, but really betrayed Oswald again. Apparently, he no longer has hard feelings about any of the stuff they did to each other in the past, but is not cool with him trying to go after Lee. Which, you know, fair. Seeing as Oswald did murder his last girlfriend. Sure.

Well! This list is shorter than most of the others I’ve made so far because Ed isn’t quite as major of a character. And I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting some stuff, but this is the main gist of it (sorry about the inaccurate title, if I forgot something major, but I have a theme going with these now, too late to change it). Man, he is a terrible person, but he is so much fun to watch!


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